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Do you love where you live? Whether you're crazy about Camden or in love with Leicester, why not show your local pride with a postcode t-shirt or hoodie? You can choose any UK postcode. 

We lovingly make and sell postcode clothing for kids or adults of any age. So don't be shy... show your local pride today with one of our t-shirts or hoodies!
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"The quality of the t-shirts is superb..." Laura Porter, About.com

"I just got my N7 t-shirt..and I love it! It’s lovely cotton, the cut is good, no side seams, the colour is great and it fits me perfectly!" Jane, N7

About our products 

Everything we sell on this website is top quality & has been lovingly crafted to last. 

We've sourced the finest, coolest and longlasting tshirts, vests and hoodies from american apparel. Our printers use their skill and panache to create postcode prints for us, and we heat press them to ensure they have staying power. 

All in all, you can be assured that you will never be disappointed with the quality of our goods. In fact, we think that you'll love them! 

Frequently asked questions  
If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to drop us a line: rachel@ilovemypostcode.com 

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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About US

The best way to find out about us, see us gooning about in t-shirts and get with the ILMP program is to check out our blog. But here's the official stuff... 

Way back in the early noughties we moved to London and as a parting gift with old friends, swapped handmade t-shirts lovingly emblazoned with postcodes. They were reminders of where we'd been and good luck tokens for where we were headed. 

Somehow living in one of the biggest cities in the world made us even more aware of the neighborhoods around us. We were lucky enough to live in some really cool neighbourhoods, all of which inspired us to keep making postcode t-shirts for ourselves and our friends. 

Then we scratched our heads and thought, if we love our postcode t-shirts then you might too. And I Love My Postcode was born! We're based in W12, otherwise known as Shepherd's Bush, where we handprint all our postcode goodies in our studio. 

Why postcodes? 
We love postcodes! Why? Well, firstly because they can be such proud little things that help earmark and identify a neighbourhood and all its qualities, good and bad. 

They also help ensure lovely mail is delivered with the minimum of fuss. And they can brew quite an interesting conversation: "Oh, so you live in W4, not W12?" 

People in London are particularly fanatic about postcodes. That's why when we first started ILMP we were just doing London postcodes. But now, as of the end November 2009, we can print any UK postcode on our items. Yep, any UK postcode at all. Even Fife. 

Postcode facts 
We’re not train spotters or anything, but here’s a little lesson in postcodes. 

The postcode system was devised in 1856 by Sir Rowland Hill. Apart from in the 'city' of London postcodes are numbered according to the alphabetical order of the neighborhoods they cover rather than geography. That’s why SE2 (Abbey Wood) is next to SE28 (Thamesmead) and why W3 (Acton) is further out than W12 (Shepherd’s Bush). Same applies to other parts of the UK. 

There's a great postcode project at the museum of london where you can find out about London postcodes, their make-up, history and cool artefacts. 

About our goods 
You can find out more about our goods and how we make them on our product pages. We are firm believers in quality and that's why everything from our t-shirts to our print transfers to the machine we use to press them is top quality stuff. 

Will you be adding to the range? 
We hope so! We have so many cool ideas for new postcode stuff, and this is just the start. We've already added vests and pants since we launched in 2008, and we probably have something new on order as you're reading this. If there are postcode items you'd like to see on this site then just email us and let us know. Chances are we'll give it a try! 

Our blog 
We also run a blog where we post about cool stuff in London to do with the business, communities, fashion, neighbourhoods and all sorts - and guides to different postcodes around town. Read it here.  
About the founder 
Rachel Crookes started I Love My Postcode in early 2008, much to her amazement (after talking about it, quite frankly a lot). Her favourite postcodes include NR2, LE2 and LE8, and as for London well, she really likes E2, EC1, E8, N16, SE1, W12, WC1 and W13. 

Originally from the Midlands, Rachel studied creative writing at the University of East Anglia. When she is not printing postcode t-shirts or other goodies she works in the publishing industry. Among other places, she’s lived in LE8, NR2, E8 and W5, and currently lives with her husband and cat in W12. 

Email her at rachel@ilovemypostcode.com 

Get in touch! 
Drop us a line and tell us why you love your postcode! We have a set of questions that we'd love you to answer, which you can see here. We are hoping to add to the range, so if there are other clothing items you’d like to have your postcode on (I don’t know.. pants, socks, dog vests..) then tell us and we’ll do our very best. 

And before you go, be sure to join the mailing list to receive our the Post, our email newsletter with the latest news, exclusive offers and more. 

Thanks for visiting!

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